NFT Cult ARtist Claim

NFT Cult Artist Claim



Artist: 4D

Four D is a Texas based artist that leverages illustrator to create visceral pieces of art. His style incorporates intricate detail work and techno-apocalyptic themes. Special focus is always given to character faces. Watch for cohesive imagery that tells a story, and be on the lookout for easter eggs.


Artist: Chissweetart
I’m an NFT photo-manipulation artist who works primarily with digital art. I live in the United States with my husband and our two dogs. I have created art all my life. I began finger painting when I was a baby and later discovered digital artwork. My transition to digital art began when my grandfather, a computer engineer, introduced me to computers at the age of six.
NFT Cult ARtist Claim



 I was always into art, probably on a genetic level. I don’t remember ever liking anything more. However I was not brave enough at the time to pursue art in University. I erroneously assumed it is impossible to make a living doing exactly what I want to do, so I studied business and went on to work in corporate for 2 years. Luckily I realized I could not throw away my life for making someone else’s dream come true so I quit and moved to California to learn oil painting. I became a professional artist immediately, with one of my first commissions being a coveted Time Person of the Year illustration of Vladimir Putin. (I just sold the Time cover as an NFT as well).


Artist: Anonymous

“A rendering of David, in a state of decomposition, with exposed heart of fire.”

Created anonymously for NFT Culture

NFT Cult ARtist Claim