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Utility Tokens

Priced at .09 

Who are we? 

The NFT Cult is the first utility token launched by NFT Culture. This utility token is designed to provide a financial way for our community to show support and gain access to a community of likeminded folks who are passionate about blockchain and NFTs and to provide access to exclusive NFT information and unique airdropped art pieces to token holders.  Additionally, this token provides entry to any current or future live or virtual NFT Culture event through Dec 31. 2024. As well as TBD and unannounced utility.

The Goal of this token isn’t for flippers to sell for profit and has been designed in such a way to remove the “generative” aspect focusing on the utility. 



  • 10%

    Decentralized alternative to Patreon

     Support NFTCulture so we can continue to make more and better content. Fans pay creators on patreon ~$12 a month ($244 a year). Supporting NFTCulture helps us indefinitely while providing additional value. 

  • 25%

    The Crypt Opens

    • Private community access exclusive to culture token holders 
    • Exclusive Information about upcoming drops 
    • Camaraderie and support
  • 50%

    Deeper into the Crypt

    • Weekly Voting on topics and projects to cover during exclusive segments
    • Exclusive Artist AMA’s
    • Exclusive Technology AMA’s
    • Access to Exclusive and Time Delayed Content
  • 75%

    The Extended Benefits


    • To Be Announced Airdrops from up and coming and established artists 

    Token Holder Benefits

    • Access to at least 2 future virtual and/or live events
    • Access to exclusive Merch Drop
    • Premiere access to the TBA project from the team behind NFT Culture. 

    Ongoing Support

    • TBA announced benefits including consulting and education on future NFT projects
    • Access to NFT Culture Shows and Spaces
    • Features on Website
  • 100%

    The Game Begins

    *Ownership will also include access to all future and next generation NFTCulture tokens 

The Game

Upon Completion of the sale the first forging mechanism will be enabled for holders to decide what to do with their tokens. Character types of different colors (silver and gold) can be burned to create a new two-tone (Ultra Rare) token. 

*Two weeks after completion of the sale, the second burn mechanic will commence that will allow all three characters to be burned for a fourth yet to be revealed character. This can be separate or in addition to the color burn mechanic. 

Additionally, there will be up to (106) founders edition tokens that collectors will receive if they mint at least 33 tokens during the sale. (5 tokens will be reserved for the NFT Culture team) and the rest will be burned.  

But… Something else is  also brewing

Voting on a custom token with remaining forge slot (exclusive forge airdrops)

Forge1 NFT CUlt



The Team

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